Friday, January 27, 2017

Privy To All The Latest News On The Samsung Galaxy 8

With an 'infinity screen', Samsung's Galaxy S8 is really looking to make a huge visual impact.   A few details had been offered by some sources on the advanced screen technology, and some of the design cues that will make the Galaxy S8 a visually mind blowing handset.  I can't wait to get one.


It seems as though the Samsung Galaxy S8 has reached the point in its pre-release timeline where we’re all privy to most of the shit. This of course is before Samsung had shared much of anything officially, but with a phone as highly anticipated as the Galaxy 8, there’s only a showballs chance in hell that...


And last but not least here is an article about a dock that will turn the Galaxy 8 into a Desktop PC.  Well isn't that interesting, and it's a brilliant and very novel idea!  If I do say so myself :)

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