Friday, December 23, 2016

Bitcoin Topped $914 at Bitfinex Thus Far.

Bitcoin topped $914 on the Bitfinex exchange last night around 10PM EST.  It's 12 hours later and it is now at $885.  The Bitcoin average on is at $883.

The best time to buy Bitcoin is now.  2017 could prove to be a big year for Bitcoin, some say it could easily hit the $2000 mark for the first time. 

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Bitcoin is up to $838 at Coinbase today.

It has been almost 3 years since Bitcoin has hit the $800 mark.  One thing to keep in mind is that China controls around 94% of  Bitcoin trading.  Although China is not the only contributing factor, they are expected to exceed expectations due to restricting gold imports to prevent capital from leaving the country.  The Yuan had dropped about 6% against the dollar, so the Chinese central bank and authorities are struggling to bring the value of the yuan/

India is preparing to work on Bitcoin and the Blockchain framework before 2018.  There is a steady growing awareness of Bitcoin in India, and being the worlds 2nd most populated country, this could push Bitcoin to a major tipping point. 

Read more on this topic at:

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Spinners - I'll Be Around. Vinyl Videos

I'll Be Around by the Spinners is such a groovy song.  This song is a year older than I am, but it never gets old.  Great music is timeless :)

From Wikipedia: The song was included on the group's 1972 self-titled album on Atlantic Records, their first album release for the label. It was initially released as the B-side of the group's first single on Atlantic Records, with "How Could I Let You Get Away" being the A-side. Radio deejays, however, soon opted for "I'll Be Around" which led to Atlantic flipping the single over and the song became an unexpected hit, eventually spending five weeks at number one on the U.S. R&B chart (the group's first number-one on the R&B chart), and reaching number three on the U.S. Pop chart in the fall of 1972.[1] It also reached sales of over one million copies, The Spinners' first record ever to do so. The success of "I'll Be Around" would be the first in a series of chart successes The Spinners and Bell would have together during the 1970s.

Friday, December 9, 2016

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

You Can't Go Wrong When You're Stuck In The Middle With Steelers Wheel

This is one of my favorites, Steelers Wheel "Stuck in the Middle With You"  It's a classic hit, and it is also on the sound track for Reservoir Dogs.  This time I found a vinyl video of the record being played.  These videos are made by Humanjukebox45s, check out his channel, he has a lot of great music there. These are the cool ones :)

Also known simply as "Stuck In The Middle," this Stealers Wheel classic was co-written by the group's guitarist Gerry Rafferty and keyboard player Joe Egan.

In his obituary of Rafferty for the January 5, 2011 issue of the Daily Telegraph, Martin Chilton said of this song that it was "Written as a parody of Bob Dylan's paranoia, it ridiculed a music industry cocktail party, with the lyrics:  Find out more about Steelers Wheel - Stuck in the Middle with You at

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Along Comes Mary (1966) by The Association

I had this song in my head the other day, and I had to get my fix of it.  So I headed to Youtube and looked up "Along Comes Mary vinyl".  I couldn't remember the name of the band either, but Youtube knows it, lol. Along Comes Mary is by a band called  The Association.

Anyway, I have this appreciation for the YT videos that show the person putting the record on the turntable and spinning the disk.   So from now on when I post music here, it most likely will be a turntable video.  There's just something cool about them :)

I couldn't find a turntable video for this song, but this one does just fine.


20 Minute Morning Qi Gong Exercise by Lee Holden

20 Minute Morning Qi Gong Exercise by Lee Holden
Start your day with simple Qi Gong exercises.  In this video, Lee Holden will go through 20 minutes of various Qi Gong exercises which help you create your Qi (sometimes spelled and pronounced Chi) It is a great morning ritual so you can get your day going with plenty of energy.

20 Minute Morning Qi Gong Exercise by Lee Holden

Watch the 10 minute one if you don't have 20 minutes @ In this video, you will go through 20 minutes of various exercises which help you create your qi morning ritual. This video is designed for you to go through when you have more time and want to get more out of qi.

Here is a 10 minute version of Morning Qi Gong Exercise by Lee Holden.

Morning Qi Gong 10 Min Exercise

The Morning Qi Ritual gives you a sense of deep inner peace, keeps you stress free throughout the day and gives you a boost of energy and vitality. By: Lee Holden ----------------------------------- Copyright Notice: No Copyright Infringement intended. All Content Belongs to their respective owners.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

How to Install Avidemux 2.6.13 in Ubuntu 16.04

Can't find Avidemux for your Ubuntu 16.04 based OS?  Here is where you can get the install instructions(See below).  I just used this info to install Avidemux on my Ubuntu 16.04 system.

A Few Notes:
Avidemux video editor has reached the 2.6.13 release recently with lots of bug-fixes and improvements. Here’s how to install it in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS via PPA.


Changes in Avidemux 2.6.13:

  • updated Toolchain for Win64 and OS X
  • Linux AppImage available (universal linux64 binaries)
  • Update to libav* 3.0.2
  • Improved copy mode for h264/h265 video
  • Just to name a few...
Install Avidemux 2.6.13 in Ubuntu 16.04:

The Qt and CLI version of Avidemux 2.6.13 has been made into the GetDeb Apps repository, available for Ubuntu 16.04 and Linux Mint 18. 
To install Avidemux, see  Install Instructions.

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December 01, 2016 at 12:36PM

Anonymous Offline Communications System: PirateBox

Anonymous Offline Communications System: PirateBox

PirateBox allows one to create an offline wireless network specifically designed for anonymous file sharing, chatting, message boarding, and media streaming.

Just think of it as your very own portable offline Internet in a box!  Cool huh?

When a user joins the PirateBox wireless network and opens a web browser, they are automatically redirected to the PirateBox welcome page. Users can anonymously chat, post images or comments on the bulletin board, listen to, or watch streaming media, or upload and download files right in their web browser.

*What You Will Need To Build Your Own Pirate Box:
  1. Wireless router (one of the following):
    • TP-Link MR3020(Amazon)
    • TP-Link MR3040(Amazon)
    • GLiNet Router(Amazon) , GliNet Router with external antenna (Amazon)
    • Other You can find additional supported hardware on Hardware Recommendations page but please note that this hardware is not covered under this HowTo and thus your mileage may vary.
  2. USB Flash Drive (formatted FAT32 with a single partition). The Kingston DT 16GB works well: (Amazon)Note: a better-performing USB 2.0 flash drive is recommended, as a USB 3.0 drive may draw too much current, and a slower USB 2.0 drive may result in your PirateBox locking up during moderate-to-heavy or long-term use.
  3. Ethernet cable (this may come with your wireless router)
  4. Computer with ethernet port
  5. 5.5V/USB Battery (optional)

To continue reading this article to find out how to prepare, install software and do upgrades etc.  Go to:  PirateBox

December 01, 2016 at 07:24PM